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Enduring Treasure’s Leadership Training Ministry

What kinds of topics are addressed in ETM Leadership Training seminars, workshops and courses?

A variety of topics are offered by ETM trainers.  Topics are selected at the advice of leaders who receive the training.  We always want to teach about coaching whenever we can because we believe it best expresses the vision of ETM to inspire and equip leaders to excel in transformational ministry.  In addition to coaching, we’ve seen God use training opportunities created around the topics of mobilizing the church to do ministry, children’s ministry, women’s ministry, men’s ministry, small group ministry, inductive Bible study, preaching, discipleship and more.

How can you know that what you teach Christian leaders will be beneficial in their context?

Finding success in developing effective cross-cultural ministry is complex.  ETM leaders are careful to spend time and ask questions so that greater understanding can be achieved in advance of any training ministry takes place.  ETM’s training plans and outlines are submitted to local leaders who evaluate them for cultural relevancy.

How do you decide what you will teach in each local context?

Someone who lives outside the ministry context can often identify either needs or solutions that cannot be seen by those living closely to the problems each day.  Even though this is true, we must be careful to resist the impulse to give answers to questions that have not been asked.  We’ve found the best way to find the right balance is to develop ministry partnerships that are relationship-rich and where adequate time is spent to provide trust in communication.

Who teaches in ETM Leadership Training?

ETM staff members are often utilized as trainers but other leaders are often recruited to meet particular needs of our international partners.  In each case, the most qualified trainer is selected to present content which will best meet expressed needs.

Do you ever provide coaching along with leadership training?

Whenever possible, we offer individualized coaching sessions to as many leaders as our schedule permits.  We find that leadership training often brings needs to the surface which are best addressed in private conversations.  When coaching training is offered, coaching can be offered by local leaders in the heart language of coachees.  ETM does not attempt to do coaching through translation so this limits our ability to coach in many cases where language is a barrier.

How do you follow up with leaders that have received training?

ETM works within established partnerships with local organizations and churches who are equipped to provide ongoing support and accountability to those receiving training.  Because of our commitment to long-term partnerships, training is often provided more than once in targeted regions, making it possible to provide some informal follow up and evaluation.

What does it cost for a Christian leader to participate in an Enduring Treasure Leadership training event?

Our leadership training is always provided free of charge to recipients.  Partner organizations and area churches work together with ETM to raise funds for course costs.  Trainees are invited to contribute to costs of printing, meals, etc.

We have a passion to come alongside ad provide fuel for ministry leaders based on the eternal principles of God’s Word.  To help leaders develop according to God’s enduring principles, we offer:

  • On-site ministry assessment and consultation
  • Dynamic training courses
  • Individualized coaching

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