The Treasure of Coaching

“Only two things last forever—God’s Word and people.  Invest your life in those two things and it will be a life well-spent.”

These words have challenged me through the years and brought me to evaluate my actions, my schedule and my habits.  Wanting others to join me on that journey moved me to pursue becoming a Christian Life Coach.  I wanted to take God’s Word to people and to empower them to live according to it.  I knew from my own experience and from observing the lives of others that knowing God’s Word is great, but doing it and living according to the truth of it is life changing.

As I entered the world of Christian life coaching my purpose was to learn so I could help others. I was not prepared for the ways God would use the experience to change me.  Looking back, I’m so thankful that God’s purpose was different from mine – He desired that I would be changed first.

During my coaching training, our instructors asked us to write down areas of personal development that were on our hearts and minds. I put something in each of the categories – health, spiritual, relationships, etc.  Some of what I wrote was simple and seemingly insignificant like picking up a new hobby.  Others subjects were much more involved and were even difficult to put in writing.

Before any of us felt ready, we were putting our new skills to practice by coaching one another through one of the areas we had selected from our list. It seemed like a good way to learn, but then God stepped in and the real teaching began to take place. The kind of teaching that brings about transformation.

As my fellow student asked probing questions, I was aware of God at work in my heart.  Suddenly the truths I had learned as a child from God’s Word came to mind.  I could hear His gentle voice convicting me of my responsibility to make things right.

Over the next few sessions God began to chip away at the self-limiting beliefs that had held me hostage.  Step by step, I started to implement changes that would create a healthier relationship with those around me.  I felt empowered to move forward with the dreams that God had placed on my heart for years.  God was changing me.

I’m blessed to have found a coach that continues to challenge me and encourage me. Just yesterday as she was searching with me for some clarity and comfort on a difficult personal issue, I experienced the unmistakable voice of the Lord reminding me of His truth.  He is with me. He is for me. He will guide me.

God Himself gave His enduring treasure to me.

-Julie Cox